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Covid Survival Documentary Project

Covid Survival Techniques

Documentary Project UVic Continuing Education 2021

Dr. Kathie M. Black

Find something you are passionate about and shoot your way through this obsession with elegance and you will have a potentially great project.” —MartinParr Introduction

Welcome to my new journey with Documentary Photography! This current work is a continuation of my photographic journey in Storytelling. My photography efforts throughout time are geared toward telling a story, whether that be through a landscape shot, night sky composition, or Day in the Life feature with family, friends, and clients. I want to tell you a story. I want that story to matter and be meaningful to you in some way, shape or form. I want you to pause for a moment and stay on that photo, or group of photos, and feel something - Joy, Laughter, Wonder, Amazement, perhaps even Sadness - but something. I want to create those things that tell a story through my photography and share them with you. I chose to take a course in Documentary Photography from UVic’s Continuing Studies Department taught by Donald Denton of Black Press out of Victoria in hopes to strengthen my story telling abilities through Documentary Style Photography. As I write this introduction, we are three weeks into an eight week journey, and Don has asked us to create a project throughout the course. He gave us some ideas, but left the slate blank for us to fill with our own ideas. There are nine of us in the course - all with different styles, interests, and cameras. It is an eclectic group of people all interested in telling a story. We are starting off with incredible historical examples of Documentary Photographers - again with varying styles, techniques, and stories to tell. For my project, I keep asking myself, “what can I produce that is meaningful?” To me, meaning is a big deal - I want my project to become much more than just taking photos. I also was wondering how to make something meaningful in 8 short weeks, but Don demonstrated that a Documentary Project can be of just one event or something that takes place over a long period of time.

Again, I come back to meaning… for years I wanted to do an Old Barn study - not really for meaning, but as it totally interested me. For now, and for this project, we are living through an unprecedented Pandemic - that while we are a year in, many of us are tired of the topic. We are tired of social distancing, not travelling, wearing a mask whenever we are in public, and definitely tired of not being able to see our loved ones. However, we may be tired of the pandemic and our lifestyles, it is still an historical time in our lives that requires - insists - on documentation. My question is, “how are we surviving this time? How are we staying sane and coping with being home so much, not seeing our family except through a computer screen, what are our personal coping strategies. I looked around and three major areas of coping popped out at me, not only for the fact that these are things that I personally went to, but that others went to as well: Home Improvement and Gardening, Exercise, and Sour Dough Bread Making. The last is almost a joke, but nonetheless an active pursuit that caught me in its grasp about six months into the pandemic. While contemplating these things, I realize there are other ways people are coping and this project may very well expand to include those things; however, for now, this project starts with these areas.

I hope to accomplish through this project a comprehensive story of coping throughout this time, documenting for our family and posterity what types of things we did on a daily basis to not only pass the time, but pass the time well. Welcome to Covid Survival!


Documentary Class Assignments

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