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Welcome to my photography website!

I began photography well over 20 years ago when my boys were in high school by taking their snowboarding and sports shots for their yearbooks. I began in film with a Nikon and progressed to digital photography with a Nikon D50 taking engagement and wedding shoots. I upgraded cameras several times, but never really took the time to fully develop as a photographer until about 5-6 years ago when I was determined to use manual settings and really know my camera. At that time, I was fortunate to work with local photographer, Randy Hall, and finally switched my camera to manual! Randy taught me about photographing waterfalls, sunsets, and more. From there I worked with Taryn Scammell from Innocent Thunder Photography. Taryn and I chased the light and storms when we were supposed to be practicing yoga, but it was a great experience culminating in an awesome wedding photoshoot for one of my friends. From there I engaged in a long term mentorship with my lifetime friend and fellow photographer, Mark Hollingsworth from New Mexico. Mark and I have travelled this photography path through the years, but Mark took his photography to a serious stage back when the kids were younger and finally retired his day job to become a full time photographer. Mark specializes in landscapes and portrait photography. Mark is an amazing mentor to me and has encouraged me to go further, dig deeper, and shoot shoot shoot.

Two Thousand Eighteen (2018) became my photography challenge year where I choose several goals to accomplish to improve my skills. My first goal was to really get to know my camera, the second was to explore the rules of composition, and the third was to attend a photography intensive workshop. To accomplish my first goal, I decided to participate in a 365 Day Photo challenge and post on social media through instagram (request to follow me @drkathiemblack) and facebook. This challenge also incorporated really learning the rules of composition and to another camera body upgrade to a Nikon D7500. Finally, I gulped, and signed up to take a Landscape Photography workshop with Joe Rossbach and Kurt Budliger These five days in the Olympic National Park totally changed my photographic path. I learned more in those five days than I had in all those years of taking photos. Now I was on my way to becoming a photographer. I took these newfound skills, dug in, and continued my 365 day challenge, upgraded to a Nikon D850, and somewhere around the 220th day of my 365 day challenge, I realized, I am a photographer.

For the past year (2019),  I have worked closely with colleagues and fellow photographers to develop my style and further my skills. I want to give props to Marnee Pearce and Kristy Sharkey for all our late night messenger chats and weekly sharing of photos and ideas. I also want to thank my daughter-in-laws, Tiffany, Lisa, and Lauren for letting me sound board photos off them. Always a special thank you to my husband, Len, for being willing to travel the world with me at all hours of the day and night for photo shoots. Kurt and Joe aptly dubbed him my "Sherpa". I am blessed to call Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island my home. I truly live in paradise and am given amazing locations to shoot from every single day. I not only shoot the wonderful landscapes where I live, but I revel in capturing moments with my grandchildren, friends, family, and my 11 year old lab. My creative voice for telling a story is what I strive for in my photography. I am grateful to add this title to my life elements repertoire. Thank you for visiting my page and sharing in my journey.

Dr. Kathie M. Black